Nomads of the Orient

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Hundred of years ago a good number of Asians braved the rough seas in search for greaner pastures. Armed with their goods and trading skills they landed in the beautiful achipelago. For most of them its was just business, just temporary, a staging point. But the sheer beauty of the islands captivated them. And so a community of mix race and culture living harmoniously made what is the Pearl of the Orient today. The Nomads found their promise land. The Nomads ironically settled down at one place.

At present the Nomads are braving again the rough seas in search of a better life. Majority of them landed in the golden sands of Arabia. Working in under the punishing heat and desert chills. These Nomads were driven out from their paradise that was pillaged by a number of invaders disguised as saviour of souls, bringer of good fortune and teachers of infinite knowledge. As result the once euthopia of the orient is now a banana republic of warring religious beliefs, unstable political system and corruption to the highest level of governmet.

And so here we are, the Nomads of the Orient, leaving our promise land armed with hope and dreams. We hope that our travel is just temporary, and the country we land is will just be a stop over. We dream that the Pearl of the Orient would regain its sparkle and charm.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    As long as we have the "ako muna attitude".....Phils will never be "Pearl of the Orient"....
    As long as we have kanya kanya mentality.....Things back home will never get any better...........
    I would say let us continue to inculcate to our children the sprit of patriotism and undying love to country though we are miles apart from HER........... for if we are just going to rest our countries future to present leaders we might end up another palestine.

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