The Tales of the Flat-Nosed Sheikhas

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Coming from land of poverty and hardship. Working like slaves in a foreign land far away from home. Meeting the 'love' of her life that forever changed her fortunes. This is the tale of the flat-nosed Sheikah.

After working for so many years in Dubai she met someone who can finally get her out of her misery. She had been around, I think she had the United Nations on her bag. This time she hit the jackpot, she manage to bag a rich, powerful Arab guy. He provided her the business where she can be the boss, a first during her lifetime. Yet power and greed went up her head as fast as she dropped her panties. She enslaved her compatriots working in his company. Sweet promises were made when she took the poor bastards from their hometown. Promising wealth and fortunes in the land of Black Gold. Yet when the workers arrived they were paid so dire that even the poor back home has a better life. Deducting all expenses she could think of. Madam Sheikah always reminded her slave that they are are forever in debt of gratitude to her for bringing them here. So the slaves have no choice but to sit it out here and make ends meet with the salary they received. And so Madam became a full pledge Sheikha, or is she? It turned out that our little bitch was just..well...just one of the bitches of this Arab guy.
That is the tale of our Flat-Nosed Sheikha.

Going home to our native land is what we look forward to always. We get excited to see our forsaken country we call home. Although before we reach in promise land, there's no shortage in amusement in the airport and plain alone. Dubai airport, enroute to Manila is the best place to find our Flat-Nosed Sheikha. This is her story..

Woman: Uy kabayan kailan ka pa dito sa Dubai? (How long have you been here in Dubai?)

Flat-nosed Sheikha: Matagal na ako dito. (I've been here for a long time.)

Woman: Muka nga, kasi dami mong alahas, siguro maganda trabaho mo dito. (Looks, like it. You have to much jewelry, maybe you have a good job here.)

Flat-nosed Sheikha: Ahh ito bigay ito ng Arabo ko. Nuka day kung gusto mong umunlad mag Papa ka ng Arabo. (Oh this one? it was given to me by my Arab 'friend'. If you want to make it here, get yourself an Arab boyfriend)

Woman: Ay ganun ba? (Really?)

Flat-nosed Sheikha: Ay oo, ang Arabo ko sobrang yaman sunod lahat ng layaw ko, me katulong pa kami sa bahay kaya buhay donya ako. (Yeah its true, my Arab boyfriend buys everything I want. We even have maids at home so I live like a queen.)

Woman: bwenas mo naman (You're so lucky)

Flat-nosed Sheikha: Korek! Ang Arabo ko bumili ng LIXOS (Lexus), ang ganda ganda, ang sarap sumakay. Tapos ang ganda pa ng flat namin 3 bedroom centralized A/C...etc..etc..yabang...yabang..yabang..Kaya kung ako sayo kabayan magisip isip ka, hindi ka yayaman ng kakatrabaho dito. (That's true, My Arab bought a Lexus and its so beautiful, it so nice to ride into. And we have a 3 bedroom flat which is so beautiful and its a centralized A/C one...etc..etc..brag..brag..brag..if I were you, better be smart and get yourself one too.)

At this point the woman is already irritated because the flat-nosed Sheikah made her feel that she is better than everyone else.

Woman: Sabagay, kasal na ba kayo? (You have a point, are you guys married?)

Flat-nosed Sheikha: Hindi, kasi me asawa rin siyang Araba. Pero ok lang basta binibigay niya lahat ng gusto ko. (nope, because he has an Arab wife. anyway its fine since he gives everything I want.)

Woman: Ah ganun (antipatika tone) (Ah ok {with a sarcastic tone})

Watch out for more tales of our Flat-Nosed Sheikhas.
Always remember the Kabit knows best...Ay ang Arabo ko!


Flat-nosed Sheikha: A Filipina married or engaged or in relation or having an affair with an Arab guy who thinks she is better that everyone else especially to her compatriots. One who manage to 'succeed' in the Gulf and now enslaving her fellow Filipinos because of greed. One can be spotted in parties, Philippines Embassy/Consulate and major malls in Dubai. Be warned, the Flat-nosed Sheikha is 'mas maarte pa' than the local women...hence the expression Feeling Sheikha!

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