Are Pinoys ready for stand-up comedy?

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I often wondered why stand-up comedy is not a hit in the Philippines. Foreigners often describe us as humorous and happy people. But if someone on stage is making such jokes, majority of the Pinoys won't find funny at all, to the point that you can be shot. Nestor Torre had the same observation and he even provided the factors on why stand-up comedy is doom to fail in RP.

* Pinoy comedy being of the slapstick and "gimmick" sort, rather than the verbal humor, satirical social observation and "painful" personal confession that characterize stand-up.

* Filipino comedians generally don't write their material, while stand-up comics often originate their own jokes and stories.

* Stand-up is fearless and cutting, and this doesn't sit well with Asians in general, and Filipinos in particular, because we're balat-sibuyas and take insults, even obviously comedic ones, much too personally for comfort--and for comedians' safety.

Oh those fags on stage that sing, dance and make cruel remarks is not stand-up comedy. Its a drag queen show, which unfortunately most of the time is toilet humor and jolog jokes.

But hey I shouldn't be suprised right? Since Pinoy can't take a critism but it's natural for us to make fun of the people who are physically and mentally challenge.

3 Responses to “Are Pinoys ready for stand-up comedy?”

  1. Anonymous jb 

    stand-up comedy kasi requires and demands an intellectually sophisticated audience, like folks who read books and are avid consumers of pop culture. dito sa pinas, we're only talking about the educated, perfumed set as 'consumers' of stand-up comic acts. kaya nga when somebody like rex navarette materializes here, the gigs are usually at posh places like greenbelt.

    in fairness naman, we have our own brand of stand-up stuff-cum-drag show. i guess we'd have to 'endure' it for the mean time...until people 'grow' up. =p

  2. Anonymous TonyGeez 

    The Stand-up Comedy scene in the Philippines is only in its infancy. Rex has introduced stand-up (developed and original materia)l to the Philippines. For example, he's like Lenny Bruce, a comic in the 1960s in the US, where this style of stand-up comedy was unfamiliar and not always excepted. After time the people accepted it and started understanding Stand-up. Now, it is just only a matter of time and up to the Philippines to develop...just like the states. Give it time.. Also, if the Philippines starts exposing the people to Stand-up Comedy then they will get accustomed to seeing Stand-up then acceptance will soon I said give it time.

  3. Anonymous eder 

    anybody who knows the history or background of stand up comedy in the philippines...can u pls help me, i'll be having a thesis "communication strategies of stand up comedian towards their audience" it would be a very bog help if you can impart to me some knowldge about stand up comedian here in the philippines.thanks

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