Milan, Dubai what's next?

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Milan or Dubai?

I remember watching Milan years back and the movie really portrays the plight of the Filipinos sacrificing for their love ones and the sequel (as some people says) "Dubai" is currently showing in cinemas in the Philippines and soon to be shown in Dubai on Oct. 12. I’m quite excited but upon watching the movie trailer is quite disappointing, the story is quite predictable and it seems that it’s like a travel docu. showing all the good stuff with a little twist of love.

The Irony

Recently TV patrol correspondents in Dubai featured news on the plight of the 2 abused Filipina maids rescued from their employers and agencies followed up by their report this evening in rescuing about 7 other more maids. How ironic it is that the film Dubai is on its height of media blaze while their (ABS-CBN) news is reporting these stories of OFW’s in Dubai. Why only now? Maybe it’s a media strategy? A juxtaposition of stories? Nice try…

The Plot

Aga Muhlach plays Raffy, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) living in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates (UAE), and we first see him driving a pickup truck across the desert while singing along an Eraserheads song. John Lloyd Cruz is Raffy's younger brother Andrew, whom he sees after nine years. After financially supporting Andrew for some time, Raffy summons his brother there to get work and get to fulfill his dreams. You see, they grew up orphaned, had plans of migrating to Canada and sees Dubai as their ticket there. But things get awry as Andrew falls in love with fellow OFW Faye (Claudine Barretto), who turns out to be Raffy's ex-girlfriend. It seems that Raffy and Faye are still in love with each other.

Packed and ready for Dubai?

Predictably the success of Milan can’t be compare to what will be the outcome of Dubai, Why?

• “We were there for almost a month, and I never met any Pinoy there working as a domestic helper. I also never met one complaining about being exploited and harassed by his employer,” Quintos says. Years ago, she shot a movie in Hong Kong about Pinoy domestic helpers.

Dubai scriptwriters Ricky Lee and Shaira Salvador insist they interviewed hundreds of Pinoy workers there before they sat down to write their screenplay. Aga and John Lloyd portray the brothers who fall for the woman portrayed by Claudine. Since they are already earning enough from their white-collar jobs, they have more than enough time for love.

• This movie has a lot of glamour going on for it as is always the case with its predecessors, but in more ways it doesn't deliver.

• What's worse is, the film stumbles upon trying to find its identity. What exactly is this movie all about? The first obvious reference would be "Milan," where the daily lives of OFWs are featured as a background to a love story. But other than hint at obvious aspects of living abroad, the issues of Filipino immigrants aren't clearly tackled.

Excitement turns sympathy

Yes, I will be watching it but I’d rather not to go on the premiere night maybe on the regular screening. I'm not totally against the film. In fairness I'm so proud that we have film makers producing such socially relevant films and I'm a big fan of Ricky Lee. Hope they can deliver more next time. What’s next Bagdhad, Kabul, Jeddah anyone?

3 Responses to “Milan, Dubai what's next?”

  1. Anonymous dubaiyuki 

    "never met any Pinoy there working as a domestic helper. I also never met one complaining about being exploited and harassed by his employer"

    That's true cause they are being held by their abusive employers and agencies.

  2. Anonymous yeye 

    there are domestic helpers here but they'e quite few (and obscure). and yes, a lot of the "stay-ins"(living w/ their amsters) are abused. there are part timers though who earn better than those stay-ins.


  3. Anonymous chok 

    there's a lot of pinoy domestic helpers here in the UAE. I'm sure Rory Quintos saw one but just chose to turn a blind eye. You see them in malls, hospitals, parks, beaches etc. I'm not even surprised if non of the pinoys they interviewed told them that they are having the time of their life here. It's a common practice of Pinoys to hide from the newcomers the hardship they've been through in a foreign country. Laging sasabihin, ayos, dito madali kumita ng pera dito. The truth is its a day to day battle, just like in the Philippines.

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