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Yo' drooool-out man!!! the new XBOX 360

Sarap namang magkalaruan ng ganito...

Tapos kasama pa yung chick....mas lalong OK!!!

Ang siste tag-hirap ang Pasko ko ngayon...

Ala lang...share ko lang...


Are Pinoys ready for stand-up comedy?


I often wondered why stand-up comedy is not a hit in the Philippines. Foreigners often describe us as humorous and happy people. But if someone on stage is making such jokes, majority of the Pinoys won't find funny at all, to the point that you can be shot. Nestor Torre had the same observation and he even provided the factors on why stand-up comedy is doom to fail in RP.

* Pinoy comedy being of the slapstick and "gimmick" sort, rather than the verbal humor, satirical social observation and "painful" personal confession that characterize stand-up.

* Filipino comedians generally don't write their material, while stand-up comics often originate their own jokes and stories.

* Stand-up is fearless and cutting, and this doesn't sit well with Asians in general, and Filipinos in particular, because we're balat-sibuyas and take insults, even obviously comedic ones, much too personally for comfort--and for comedians' safety.

Oh those fags on stage that sing, dance and make cruel remarks is not stand-up comedy. Its a drag queen show, which unfortunately most of the time is toilet humor and jolog jokes.

But hey I shouldn't be suprised right? Since Pinoy can't take a critism but it's natural for us to make fun of the people who are physically and mentally challenge.



Iba nga naman magbiro ang tadhana!!!
A batch of new 100-peso bills that mispelled President Gloria's surname from Arroyo to Arrovo is the poke of fun among Filipinos specially in the opposition, literally translated "a robo" means robbery, ripoff, burglary and theft that some of her detractors says it befits her.

Sisihin ba naman yung printer....
"We have to determine who is responsible. If the printer is responsible, they will have a liability," said BSP Deputy Governor Armando Suratos on Monday, noting the investigation would be conducted at the soonest time possible.

Naalala ko tuloy....
Naalala ko tuloy yung speech ni Ninoy Aquino sa Boston na kung saan ay isinalaysay niya yung pagpuri ng bisitang Hapon kina Presidente Marcos at Unang Ginang Imelda. Ayon sa pagkakabangit ng Hapon "You Firipinos are very rocky, you have a President and a First lady that robs you very much". (You Filipinos are very lucky, you have a President and a First Lady that loves you very much). O di ba tama naman yung Hapon..

Arroyo, Arrovo, A Robo and Dorobo whatever...
Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arrovo.....ppprrrrtttt Ay Mali!!!

Chicken Soup, Anyone?


After watching National Geographic Specials "Super flu" my concerns about this H5N1 virus hitting the Emirates is imminent. If this virus goes global it will be a chaos in Biblical scale wiping out not thousands but millions of lives or even half the world population.

Chances are?

Considering the chances of Emirates in having birds with this virus is not farfetched. In my observation though I'm not an expert on birds, aside from the Emirates' rapid development it has also created nature amenities such as parks, sanctuaries and protected wildlife sites to balanced development and nature. I remember watching a documentary about the wildlife in Arabia, on one of the series they featured the effects of changing the landscape or greening the sands to the migratory patterns of birds. I'm not against building such parks and sanctuaries I'm an advocate in preserving nature (been an active mountaineer in college). These sprawling man-made oases creates distractions from those high-flyers and lures migratory birds to have their pit-stop in these areas before going elsewhere or considering it their new habitat.

Upon reading the issue "Bird flu virus is not able to survive heat" on Gulf News, I was relieve but after a while it puts me to further analyze whets goin' on by comparing the local and international news. Now it keeps me at the edge of my seat mmmm..there's a big difference. Naaah, I finally realized I'm reading a Senseless Daily better check it on the net or watch CNN and BBC. The virus can't survive heat? Hey! it's winter...I think this press release is kinda late..

Diet Plan..
Stick to that old pork or beef for a while (no FMD and Mad cow at the moment). It's not off my menu but i'll try to avoid it and nothing's wrong by doin' it. So set aside that chicken soup or you'll be a soul. (creepy ha) "My friend, one mutton shawarma please!"

Ang Cellphone at ang Bible


Ang cellphone laging hawak ipinapakita,
Ang Bible laging nakatago at ayaw ipakita.

Ang cellphone binibili kahit libo-libong halaga,
Ang Bible ayaw bilhin, kahit isang daan ang halaga.

Ang cellphone laging pinapalitan ng case,
Ang Bible hindi man lang mabilhan ng case.

Ang cellphone ay ayaw magasgasan,
Ang Bible hinahayaang maalikabukan.

Ang cellphone bihirang makaligtaan kung saan iniwan,
Ang Bible madaling makaligtaan kung saan naiwan.

Ang cellphone mahirap ipahiram, baka masira,
Ang Bible madaling ipahiram, kahit mawala.

Ang cellphone laging binabasa kung may bagong message,
Ang Bible hindi binabasa kaya hindi makita ang message.

Ang cellphone message masarap i-share.
Ang Bible verse nakakalimutang i-share.

Ang cellphone pinapakita ang lifestyle ng tao,
Ang Bible nagpapabago ng lifestyle ng tao.

Ang cellphone mabilis maluma,
Ang Bible hindi naluluma.

Ang cellphone message kung minsan ay late,
Ang Bible laging on time ang message.

Ang cellphone kailangan magload para mag-message,
Ang Bible laging fully loaded ang message.

Ang cellphone ay mahalagang gamit ng tao,
pero ang Bible ay mas mahalaga kung gagamitin ng tao.

Author: Unkown (got this from an email:FW )

Jobs Down Under


Good day, mate!

Australia is opening its doors to skilled and professional workers.

A list more than 400 classifications of workers that Australia needs includes health professionals and refrigeration and air-conditioning workers, Neil Dunkin, vice president of MAB International Services Inc., told INQ7.net

A country known for its super strict immigration system, workers and would be immigrants will still undergo the same tough procedure to qualify for work in Australia.

Dunkin, an Australian, said Australia's requirements -- whether for jobs or for residence -- were among the strictest in the world. Job processing takes 12-16 weeks, and immigration 52 weeks, he said.

The requirements include skills assessment, which can take 28 days to six months, and an English language qualifying examination, he added.

At the moment only one agency is licensed by the POEA and that is www.mabis-inc.com.

Eid Mubarak



Undas!! (Halloween)


Happy Halloween!!! Trick or Treat?

We pray Dear Lord for the souls of our departed loved ones, May their souls rest in peace in your merciful Hands. Amen

Ghost in Arabia..
This story is an actual event happened somewhere along the mangrove coastline of UAE by a friend of mine. Here how it goes, it was a cold winter night under the spell of the crescent moon that lits the mangrove shore. A group of people are scouring the sandy and watery ground to catch those elusive crabs when someone from the group suggests that they'll wait and rest inside their car after several hours out in the mangrove bushes and instead with the group still hunting for crabs and clams in the middle of the night. It was low tide and the time was past midnight, they can barely heard the group that gone far because of the shallow coastline all they can hear are the sounds of crickets and insects around them, they we're sitting inside the car for a while when suddenly out of the dimly lighted shrubs appears what to be a person from their group who's maybe bored and tired of catching those crabs. As the silhouette of a man came closer and clearer just right in front of the car they saw an unimaginable image they won't forget in their entire life. It was a figure of man dressed in condura without a head floating in the air. It seems that the time stood still as they were shocked and speechless. And with the blinked of an eye it disappeared in the cloak of darkness. So for those who likes crabbing and halaan picking at night BEWARE!!!, surely this is a kind of an scary experience more than a bite from the crabs claw. Awwwooooo!!!!

Just for fun
Do you have an Arabian ghost strory to share?
Hit the comment and scribble your story...


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