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The country's prime export is people. But is migration a real development strategy?

Been bloghoppin' and cames across an interesting article linked via the blog I visited.
Filipino world domination? Nakakalungkot lang isipin..tsk, tsk, tsk...

Some of the highlights
-But the Philippines does play a visible role in the global economy, thanks largely to a single export commodity—its people. According to the government, 1 million Filipinos will go abroad as contract workers this year, the biggest exodus ever. "The Philippines has already surpassed Mexico as the largest source of migrant labor in the world,

-Filipinos find themselves welcomed around the world as contract employees, both semiskilled and professional. They're laying pipelines in Siberia, mining diamonds in Angola and sailing ships in all the world's oceans. They clean thousands of homes a day from Hong Kong to Dubai to London; Bahrain's prime minister employs some 50 Filipinos in his own household

-"One of the defining characteristics of the Philippine middle class," says a senior Western economist in Manila, "is that they all want to get out."

-As Filipinos add to their achievements overseas, it's only a matter of time before the government will face the same question once posed to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi: How is it that Indians succeed everywhere but in their home country?

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PBB Theme Song


The Scandal
Can't wait to join the bandwagon in discussing the so called Scandal of Orange and Lemons "Pinoy Ako". It's buzzing around the blogspere for sometime now. Critics say that it was a ripp-off from the song Chandeliers by The Care, a short-lived 80's band from UK. Nadamay na rin ba ang Philippine Music Scene sa panloloko at kasinungalingan sa Philippine Politics? Is it a trend to fool people around?

Ok na sana..
Wow! It really sounds similar and of course the Pinoy version is better. But it would be fair if "OnL" pay tribute or sampling the song than ripping it off totally. Listen to this and be the judge; on the right speaker, you'll hear Chandeliers and on the left is Orange & Lemons supposedly original composition. Use your headphones for best results. Professional and talented artists did this in the past:

  1. Eraserheads sampled "Silly Love Songs" in "Toyang" they acknowledged and credited it.
  2. Parokya ni Edgar used the tune of "I Will Survive" in "Picha Pie" and acknowledged it.
  3. Francis M. sampled "Here There and Everywhere" for "Kaleidoscope World" and he acknowledged it.
  4. and so many artists did (Yoyoy Villame's "Granada", Ted Itos's "Saigono Iwake", Tito, Vic & Joey's music parodies and so on.)

OnL quoted in Inquirer: “We have no malicious intent,” says vocalist and guitarist Clem Castro. “In fact, we’re not even aware that such songs already exist.” They outright denied they copied it from The Care when it was obvious it was a rip-off. Owws, you're a musician you should know better than the listeners.

The Trend...
It all began sometime ago when the alleged CD of Gloria was released and copied and copied and copied according to Sec. Bunye. The mother of tapes was reproduced and so the trend of ripping-off started.

There was Session Road ripping-off Superdrag’s Garbonzia with "Leaving You"
followed by Cueshe’s "Stay" ripping off Silverchair’s "The Greatest View"
then Orange and Lemons ripping off The Care's "Chandeliers"

Yes, we want songs that boost our confidence as Pinoys but don't give us a reason to feel sorry in the end. Ang masa ay di tanga!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to present "Balimbing and Calamansi" with their original song "Pinoy ba ako?."

Good Old Dates


We're taking our snack yesterday on our closed office cafeteria (purposely closed during Ramadan) when I spotted this bottom information on the pack of Dates.

Dates what?
Dates are a festive treat during this holy month, It always comes with Laban (yogurt milk), usually taken during breaking their fast, no Iftar is complete without it. The benefit that interests me more is that "Dates increases male fertility and enhances the sexual strength.” (a natural Viagra?) Ironically for our Muslim brothers sex during Ramadan is prohibited.

To dates or not to dates..
For a non-Muslim like me Dates is a treat aside from its natural benefits because the best varieties springs up during this season specially those with almonds in the middle and flavored ones. I always took advantage on the free taste in the supermarket usually I sampled those AED 55.00 a kilo variety and the taste is truly a food for the Kings.

'Dubai' axed


The re-run movie Dubai was axed by the distributor claiming that they will be busy preparing for Sharon Cuneta's concert that they will not have time for another showing of the film.

Movie ‘Dubai’ will not be re-shown in cinemas, the film’s distributor ABS-CBN Middle East has announced.

It says it is “busy preparing for a Sharon Cuneta concert on December 9 to be held at the Dubai Tennis Stadium of the Aviation Club”.

A few weeks ago the film the attracted contraversy because one Filipino group claimed the 'unrealistic' portrayal of the life in Dubai for Filipinos. So in line with the realistic approach of Pinoy films with OFW themes, I came up with movie titles with some realistic touch.

Kish Me: The plight of OFWs stuck in Kish Island

Like, Byahe Tayo: Dubai Pinoy Taxi Operators and Drivers Association (DuPiTODA)

Pokwang's Arab Quest: The unsuccessful quest of finding an Arab papa.

The Hunt for Mario Parangalan: Carlo J. Caparas is banned from making this film!

Desert Lust: Dubai's unfaithfuls

How much?: White slavery

Kwentong Barbero


Now this story will beat Dubai the Movie at any given day. Heto ang kwentong barbero.

Dubai: A Dubai court sentenced a barber to one year in prison for having an illicit love affair with a housemaid who also alleged that she was sleeping with her sponsor.
The 23-year-old barber, identified as D.O., and the 21-year-old housemaid, both from the Philippines, will be deported.

Oh you go girl!

In his statement to the police, the 23-year-old denied having an illicit affair. Meanwhile, the Filipina confessed that she was having a love affair with the barber.

She alleged that she was having a similar affair with her sponsor.

The Canadian sponsor denied her claims but his wife said she had suspected that something was going on between her housemaid and her husband.

After reading this news article, I added my barber to the list of persons banned at my place. He might just end up fighting with our watchman.

The Nanny


Here's the question and answer that led to the winning of the 2005 Miss International crown by our very own Precious Lara Quigaman.

Q: "what do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted Filipinos as nannies?"

A: "I take no offense on being typecasted as a nanny. But i do take offense that the educated people of the world have somehow degenerated the true sense and meaning of what a nanny is. Let me tell you what she is. She is someone who gives more than she takes. She is someone you trust to look after the very people most precious to you - your child, the elderly, yourself. She is the one who has made a living out of caring and loving other people. so to those who have typecasted us as nannies, Thank you. It is a testament to the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people. And for that, I am forever proud and grateful of my roots and culture."

Dubai Recap


After watching Dubai, as I've mentioned earlier on my previous post, It goes as I expected. Me and my friends are joking about the title should be Canada not Dubai because the plot of the story evolves in it and the rest are side stories. A fellow blogger had commented on this and we have the same observation. Truly the movie bears the trademark of being Pinoy. Bakya!!! To sum it up "para sa akin ay ok lang, pero kulang sa sundot at katotohanan."Unrealistic ika nga!! Hope they can make it up next time...elsewhere..

Big Day for Dubai?


Today is the premiere of Dubai the movie, surely many kabayans are anxious what the movie is all about? Will it be far better than Milan?

I might have all the answers...and it's a big "NO". My research on it was damn right "solid" hahaha, truly it's a big travel cum love story type film and portrays a wrong impression of the true lives of Filipino in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates. Maybe you're wondering if I had already viewed it, Have all the info on my friends fresh from the Phils...Sabi nga nila Dubai is no relevance to the story kasi pwede naman itong mangyari kahit saan.

I will watch it, maybe if I had time to waste or watched it na lang on VCD, it will only take few days to have it on circulating on flats & accommodations. Ika nga abangan na lang natin...and to the producers of Dubai that's the awful truth..Pinoy pa! Can afford to buy expensive mobile phones and gadgets but can't afford to watch it on cinemas, will wait for those Chinese peddlers selling DVD's (5 in one pa) or have it acquire somewhere else.

Happy viewing...can't wait to see Bagdhad este Dubai..



Ajman Police is now questioning an examiner for allegedly taking bribes and issuing around 200 driving licences to people who have not even taken the test.

"The examiner used to forge the signature of the official in charge of signing the test form," the source said.

Cutting the Talahib

The source added that police also arrested a group of people who pay bribes to obtain the illegal driving licences and they are hunting for all of them to confiscate the licences after which they will be punished according to law.

So if you are quite eager and frustrated in getting a drivers licence, don't resort into bribery. If caught, not only will the cops confiscate your driver's licence, you'll be punish and worst be deported. Remember patience is a virtue. I should know better since it took me a while to get mine. And like most of us, I was tempted to bribe or strangle the examiner everytime he failed me. But I was virtuous even if it cost me a lot.

Milan, Dubai what's next?


Milan or Dubai?

I remember watching Milan years back and the movie really portrays the plight of the Filipinos sacrificing for their love ones and the sequel (as some people says) "Dubai" is currently showing in cinemas in the Philippines and soon to be shown in Dubai on Oct. 12. I’m quite excited but upon watching the movie trailer is quite disappointing, the story is quite predictable and it seems that it’s like a travel docu. showing all the good stuff with a little twist of love.

The Irony

Recently TV patrol correspondents in Dubai featured news on the plight of the 2 abused Filipina maids rescued from their employers and agencies followed up by their report this evening in rescuing about 7 other more maids. How ironic it is that the film Dubai is on its height of media blaze while their (ABS-CBN) news is reporting these stories of OFW’s in Dubai. Why only now? Maybe it’s a media strategy? A juxtaposition of stories? Nice try…

The Plot

Aga Muhlach plays Raffy, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) living in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates (UAE), and we first see him driving a pickup truck across the desert while singing along an Eraserheads song. John Lloyd Cruz is Raffy's younger brother Andrew, whom he sees after nine years. After financially supporting Andrew for some time, Raffy summons his brother there to get work and get to fulfill his dreams. You see, they grew up orphaned, had plans of migrating to Canada and sees Dubai as their ticket there. But things get awry as Andrew falls in love with fellow OFW Faye (Claudine Barretto), who turns out to be Raffy's ex-girlfriend. It seems that Raffy and Faye are still in love with each other.

Packed and ready for Dubai?

Predictably the success of Milan can’t be compare to what will be the outcome of Dubai, Why?

• “We were there for almost a month, and I never met any Pinoy there working as a domestic helper. I also never met one complaining about being exploited and harassed by his employer,” Quintos says. Years ago, she shot a movie in Hong Kong about Pinoy domestic helpers.

Dubai scriptwriters Ricky Lee and Shaira Salvador insist they interviewed hundreds of Pinoy workers there before they sat down to write their screenplay. Aga and John Lloyd portray the brothers who fall for the woman portrayed by Claudine. Since they are already earning enough from their white-collar jobs, they have more than enough time for love.

• This movie has a lot of glamour going on for it as is always the case with its predecessors, but in more ways it doesn't deliver.

• What's worse is, the film stumbles upon trying to find its identity. What exactly is this movie all about? The first obvious reference would be "Milan," where the daily lives of OFWs are featured as a background to a love story. But other than hint at obvious aspects of living abroad, the issues of Filipino immigrants aren't clearly tackled.

Excitement turns sympathy

Yes, I will be watching it but I’d rather not to go on the premiere night maybe on the regular screening. I'm not totally against the film. In fairness I'm so proud that we have film makers producing such socially relevant films and I'm a big fan of Ricky Lee. Hope they can deliver more next time. What’s next Bagdhad, Kabul, Jeddah anyone?



We wish the Muslim world "Ramadan Kareem!!!". This month, is Islam’s holiest month which believers fast from the crack of dawn to sunset.

For a non-muslims (like me), respect and tolerance must be excercise.

Terror Bill aka Martial Law


It seems that GMA has been a bit paranoid lately. Banking on the recent Bali bombings, the president gave her support on the shady Terror Bill that according to the opposition will curtail our civil liberties and constitutional rights than actually keeping terrorist at bay. We are all for arresting terror scumbags but if the bill is use to shup up GMA's critics, now that's bad. Remember that martial never worked for the Marcoses.


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