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The Scandal
Can't wait to join the bandwagon in discussing the so called Scandal of Orange and Lemons "Pinoy Ako". It's buzzing around the blogspere for sometime now. Critics say that it was a ripp-off from the song Chandeliers by The Care, a short-lived 80's band from UK. Nadamay na rin ba ang Philippine Music Scene sa panloloko at kasinungalingan sa Philippine Politics? Is it a trend to fool people around?

Ok na sana..
Wow! It really sounds similar and of course the Pinoy version is better. But it would be fair if "OnL" pay tribute or sampling the song than ripping it off totally. Listen to this and be the judge; on the right speaker, you'll hear Chandeliers and on the left is Orange & Lemons supposedly original composition. Use your headphones for best results. Professional and talented artists did this in the past:

  1. Eraserheads sampled "Silly Love Songs" in "Toyang" they acknowledged and credited it.
  2. Parokya ni Edgar used the tune of "I Will Survive" in "Picha Pie" and acknowledged it.
  3. Francis M. sampled "Here There and Everywhere" for "Kaleidoscope World" and he acknowledged it.
  4. and so many artists did (Yoyoy Villame's "Granada", Ted Itos's "Saigono Iwake", Tito, Vic & Joey's music parodies and so on.)

OnL quoted in Inquirer: “We have no malicious intent,” says vocalist and guitarist Clem Castro. “In fact, we’re not even aware that such songs already exist.” They outright denied they copied it from The Care when it was obvious it was a rip-off. Owws, you're a musician you should know better than the listeners.

The Trend...
It all began sometime ago when the alleged CD of Gloria was released and copied and copied and copied according to Sec. Bunye. The mother of tapes was reproduced and so the trend of ripping-off started.

There was Session Road ripping-off Superdrag’s Garbonzia with "Leaving You"
followed by Cueshe’s "Stay" ripping off Silverchair’s "The Greatest View"
then Orange and Lemons ripping off The Care's "Chandeliers"

Yes, we want songs that boost our confidence as Pinoys but don't give us a reason to feel sorry in the end. Ang masa ay di tanga!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to present "Balimbing and Calamansi" with their original song "Pinoy ba ako?."

8 Responses to “PBB Theme Song”

  1. Anonymous bhop! 

    from Jonas
    Pinoy Ba Ako?
    By Ponkan and Calamansi

    Lahat tayo ay naging biktima
    sa dinig pa lang ay malalaman na
    di man ito kagustuhan
    ngunit ito ang katotohanan

    Original na lyrics ang hanap ko
    magbibigay ng paghalaga sayo
    Nais mo bang ipakilala
    kung sino ka ngang talaga

    Pinoy ikaw ay Pinoy
    ipakita sa mundo
    kung anong ginaya mo
    Nahihiyang Pinoy
    Wag kang mang gagaya
    maging original ka
    Pinoy ako Pinoy tayo

    Pakita mo ang tunay kung sino ka
    wag kang umasa lang sa iba
    Kailangan ay perpekto basta ito ay totoo

    Original na lyrics ang hanap ko
    magbibigay ng paghalaga sayo
    Nais mo bang ipakilala
    kung sino ka ngang talaga

    Pinoy ikaw ay Pinoy
    ipakita sa mundo
    kung anong ginaya mo
    Nahihiyang Pinoy
    Wag kang mang gagaya
    maging original ka
    Pinoy ako Pinoy tayo

    Talagang ganyan ang buhay
    Wag tayong masanay
    walang ring mangyayari kung
    kung laging nakikigaya

    Wag ipagmalaki ang sarili
    kung ito ay yong gawain
    “Ang Lagi mong Iisipin
    Kayang Kopyahin”

    Pinoy ikaw ay Pinoy
    ipakita sa mundo
    kung anong ginaya mo
    Nahihiyang Pinoy
    Wag kang mang gagaya
    maging original ka
    Pinoy ako Pinoy tayo

  2. Anonymous archie 

    Ito ang poste ni Clem Castro sa egroup ng Orange and Lemons, at ng magkaalaman na!….thread 8701!

    From: “cranehead”
    Date: Tue Aug 16, 2005 2:30 am
    Subject: Re: Pinoy Big Brother Song cranehead
    Send Email

    hahahahahah! i expected that reaction eric. it’s true that it was
    inspired by the care’s diamonds and emeralds and chandeliers. i won’t
    deny it. what you heard in gweilos was a very rough version. here’s
    the story behind that song:

    July 22 — i receive a notice that Star Records will commission us to
    do a remake of Big Brother Soundtrack (western version). The song was
    ok so we agreed to do it.

    July 25 — another notice saying that star records prefers a tagalog
    version and that the deadline for the final master would be july 31.

    July 26 — i received the lyrics from jonathan manalo and decided
    against adapting the original soundtrack coz i personally felt it wont
    work. so i came up with a new melody line. at that time my playlist
    includes Diamonds and Emeralds album hence the inspiration and
    adaptation not minding if abs cbn would like our version.

    July 29 — i presented the music to star records and guess what they
    dig our version.

    July 30 & 31 — proper recording in the studio.

    Aug 1 — submission of final master

    Aug 2 — Video Shoot of the Song Pinoy Ako.

    As you see that song is a product of pressure. and i only did what
    came naturally to me with regards to the music. the end result was
    very favorable to us. i personally like it and proud of it. And for
    you to fully scrutinize the song i’m gonna upload it in the file
    section. No worries about lawsuits, im sure the care wouldn’t mind.
    our guitar and banduria intro notes are way different from chandeliers
    and as for the melody line we never exceeded the 7 note rule. this
    version has a clear pinoy taste if i may say so and injected our
    originality in it. but i would appreciate any further comments from
    you mate.

    Pinoy Ako! haha!

    — In orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com, “eric76_salvador”
    > Its the first time I heard the song last night at Gweilo’s Makati. I
    > thought the band was joking around because after they announced the
    > next song as the PBB song, they played the intro to
    > Care’s “Chandeliers”. When Mcoy sang in Tagalog, that’s when I
    > that its a different song.
    > I was going to sing “Your eyes are chandeliers..” sana e. Langya,
    > plakadong-plakado yung song!Dedemanda kayo ng Care nyan hahahaha!
    > eric


    eto pa, message 9251 thread:

    From: “cranehead”
    Date: Sat Sep 3, 2005 5:45 am
    Subject: [orange and lemons] Re: OnL’s Pinoy Big Bro song reminds me of The Care. (to colourfield) cranehead
    Send Email

    Salamat Eric, my intention of making that particular song sound
    Carish has received a lot of both positive and negative feedbacks.
    but has served my purpose. Now many are wondering who the
    hell “Care” is. You might like to give a few inputs mate about them
    and their works or if you have previous reviews of their songs and
    album. Whoever is really making the music for the Care songs I
    respect and love so much just like the level of enthusiasm i had for
    Morrissey’s lyricism/performance and Johnny Marr’s music.

    don’t worry eric, just like you, i’m neither one of them…


    “I want the one I can’t have, and it’s driving me mad…”

    — In orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com, “Eric Salvador”
    > bro. colourfield,
    > Hope you’ve come to a decision to buy OnL albums upon hearing
    their songs. I think you’re also into new wave like some of the
    members here. If so, I’m sure you’ll enjoy OnL albums.
    > Regarding the Pinoy Big Brother song, well, there’s this 7 note
    rule pala when it comes to songs. If you reach the 7th note sounding
    like another song then you’re ripping off the work of another
    artist. I don’t think Pinoy Ako reached that 7th note limit though,
    but I can also understand the reaction people have over the song.
    > Anyway, its quite evident that OnL have a penchant for writing
    astounding original music on their own based on the albums they’ve
    come out with. I hope that with those merits, palampasin na lang ito
    ng iba’ng tao.
    > Tutal, Pinoy Ako, is a great song, and if I we’re Simpson or
    Broudie, I’ll be flattered with it. Sadly though, I’m neither one of
    > eric

    Oh ano?! Di ba? di ba clem ikaw yan? May hell ka pang alam! Burn in it pare! Sama ka diyan Eric Salvador alyas eric76_salvador@yahoo.com o eric.salvador@toyota.com.ph. Ma litson ka sana. Ang kwento ng dalawang bolerang bakla sa ONL egroup say yahoo egroups.

    Eto pa! Ngayon, ano ang masasabi ninyo?

    From: orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com
    > [mailto:orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of colourfield169
    > Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 7:43 AM
    > To: orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com
    > Subject: [orange and lemons] Re: OnL’s Pinoy Big Bro song reminds
    me of
    > The Care.
    > Yup, the band could expect these reactions from people who are
    > familiar with Ian Broudie’s and Paul Simpson’s work (mga new wave
    > generation). Sa unang dinig kasi talaga ng Pinoy Ako, ay mukha
    > syang parehong-pareho sa Chandelier.
    > But if you would play the two songs, particularly the two intros,
    > one after the other, syempre richer ang tunog ng Chandelier, pero
    > iba nga notes sequence ng Pinoy Ako tulad ng sabi ni Clem,
    > mukhang same chords. May differences din sa melody line. Yung
    > sequence at drums lang ang sa dinig ko ay pareho.
    > But what could you expect nga naman kasi hora-horada kung
    > magpacommission ng work itong Star Records para sa theme song ng
    > New here nga pala, just joined to check mp3 samplers and decide
    > whether to buy OnL’s CDs or not.

    Halatang wala na ngang alam sa music yung nakadinig eh NAHALATA PA KAYO?!

    Ito ang sabi nila naman sa inquirer:

    “We have no malicious intent,” says vocalist
    and guitarist Clem Castro. “In fact, we’re not even
    aware that such songs already exist.”

    Ha? Eto o, bistado na kayo po! Inamin, binawi, binawi, binawi. ano ito, eat bulaga?

    Huli na lang ito para sa mga dudero at dudera at sa mga may matang bukas ngunit walang nakikita at sa mga nakakarinig na nagbibibingibingihan!

    From: sancho
    > > > Date: Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:24 am
    > > > Subject: Re: [eraserheads] pinoy pinoy tayo…be
    the judge!
    > > >
    > > > To lay all doubts to rest, here’s an mp3 file na
    > Pinoy Ako and
    > > > Chandeliers. On the right speaker, you’ll hear
    > the left is
    > > > Orange & Lemons supposedly original composition.
    heard on
    > your
    > > > headphones. Wattashame!
    > > >
    > > > http://www.4shared.com/dir/100649/ac4043f0
    > > >
    > > > — snip –
    > > >
    > > > i attached the mp3 file - sa mga naka web mode,
    you can
    > the mp3 at
    > > > http://www.4shared.com/dir/100649/ac4043f0

    Mabuhay kayong lahat at kunin na ni Lord!


    Kayo rin!

    Oh, di pa kayo pagod? Eto pa ang sinabi ni eric salvador, ang tinitingalang new wave guru ng Orange and Lemons, thread 10883.

    From: “Eric Salvador”
    Date: Wed Oct 12, 2005  3:39 pm
    Subject: RE: [orange and lemons] about their case? RESPECT THE BANDS! Part 1 eric.salvador@…
    Send Email


    I don’t think OnL’s “mistake” was made from the copying of that Care song, the
    mistake lies on the notion they’ve given to the masses that it was indeed an
    original song…a song that was entirely their own. Siguro kung noong una pa,
    openly they admitted that the song was based on a foreign song and that parts
    were copied from it, wala’ng ganito’ng issue. Tapos agad ito. Anyways, OnL is
    still relatively new to the biz. In my opinion, OnL is still capable of rising
    from this mess. They are talented artists with brilliant songwriting abilities.
    “Pinoy Ako” is just a one-off. Sabi nga ni Clem sa akin, “hindi na mauulit yun”
    with a bit of wry smile on his face. At times, sa basketball, me off-night ang
    star player…ganito din ang kaso ngayon.

    Crab Mentality. I guess I used these words in defense of the band’s previous
    works na na-discredit dahil lang sa “Pinoy Ako” song. Unfair kasi yun. Ang
    gumagawa lang ng ganun, mga utak-talangka talaga. But I won’t use this crab
    mentality as an excuse for “borrowing” parts of a song. It doesn’t justify the

    We talk about respecting the band…Oh, I’m all for that guys. Kaya nga ako
    nag-rereact eh. Because I respect the band so much. Hindi na tayo iba sa OnL mga
    tol, let them hear what they have to hear, positive man o negative. Also, I
    respect bands who create original music….isa na dun ang OnL…isa na dun ang
    CARE. IF some of you guys somehow try to convince yourselves na okay lang
    kumopya ng kanta, well, I can’t argue with you on that. That’s your opinion. Sa
    akin, the least a band can do is to acknowledge immediately and openly the band
    and the song where their song was based. Wag nang intayin pang me makapuna, bago
    aminin. Ang dating kasi eh OnL held back info and “fooled” people into thinking
    that “Pinoy Ako” was entirely theirs, tapos lalabas ang issue at MP3’s ng
    Chandeliers…further proof na its more than just influence…me parts talaga na
    same, drum beat, melody etc.

    Question: How would you feel if a certain band “copies” an OnL song? Of course
    not entirely, pero obvious ang melody, chord pattern at beat? Would you still
    say, “so what?”. Nah, didn’t think so.

    Can they get out of this mess? Like I said earlier, why not? I’m sure that when
    the third album (o baka nga third single) is released next year, they will be
    able to prove their critics wrong. Real critics know when they are right and are
    open to anything. Hindi sarado ang utak. OnL, with their wealth of talent in
    songwriting and musicianship will easily dispel the ugly myth.

    I wasn’t pissed-off really. just disappointed. And if somebody tells me not to
    be in this forum because I feel that way about the song…well…tsk tsk…talk
    about open-minds and respect.

    My two cents.


    Putang ina mo eric salvador! Gusto mo ba ng phone pall? Di kahit ikaw eh inaamin mo rin! Di ba? Ikaw ang nagsulat niyan di ba?

    “I don’t think OnL’s “mistake” was made from the copying of that Care song, the
    mistake lies on the notion they’ve given to the masses that it was indeed an
    original song…a song that was entirely their own. Siguro kung noong una pa,
    openly they admitted that the song was based on a foreign song and that parts
    were copied from it, wala’ng ganito’ng issue. Tapos agad ito.”

    Ito ang matindi naman na nagtataka ako ay di mo binigyan ng pansin,

    Music writer blows whistle against Orange and Lemons
    The sore truth is that pop band Orange and Lemons ripped-off "Chandeliers" by ?80s duo The Care and used the melody for "Pinoy Ako" according to music correspondent Giselle Roque who beseeched Manila Bulletin after she read an article this broadsheet published last Oct. 5.

    "When I was posting e?mails that certain artists did not ask permission [from The Care] and copied ?Chandeliers, I did not mention Orange and Lemons. But they were the ones who reacted and posted their own defense in turn so that was the time that established na kinopya nila talaga yung kanta," Roque, who is also the niece of rock icon Sampaguita added.

    "?We did make it Carish? went Orange and Lemons ?admission? and they have the guts to say that these are two different songs?" pointed out Roque, who is a friend of Paul Simpson, who wrote and sang "Chandeliers" for the album "Diamonds and Emeralds."

    The other half of The Care duo is Ian Broudie. "Chandeliers" was credited to Broudie/Simpson, like the rest of the songs in the said album, published under Warner Chappell, Ltd. The Care, which was formed in 1983, was most noted for the singles "My Boyish Days," "Flaming Sword," and "Whatever Possessed You."

    Roque disclosed to the Bulletin that she could not believe it when Orange and Lemons posted on an e-group mail she received that they were just waiting to be noticed by Simpson and his camp. "They said, At last, this is just what they?ve been waiting for to get noticed. They also said that at least now, people are researching The Cares music. My point is how could people research it if you don?t acknowledge that you got the song from The Care? Ang isinagot ni Clem (Castro of Orange and Lemons) ?E bakit kami magpapaalam? Magpasalamat pa nga ang The Care at pinasikat namin ang kanta nila. It was really frustrating. They even wrote, Do we have to find people who are avid fans of The Care and ask permission from them? Well, if they?d ask me, they didn?t have to track down Care fans, only the person who wrote the song they ripped?off."

    She further revealed that "Orange and Lemons said that they were pressured and did not know what else to do. Since they were listening to The Care, to that effect, they decided na puwede ang Chandeliers. I have the e?mail from Orange and Lemons to prove this including the time line explaining they had to rush the song because ABS-CBN gave them barely a week to do it and record the video for Pinoy Ako."

    The said ?time line,? Roque gathered, came up when earlier queries were thrown against the band in certain e?groups both Orange and Lemons and Roque belong to.

    She continued, "At that time they were commissioned to do the melody of the song, they were listening to The Care and thought that it?s some sort of natural tendency to come out with something that sounds like but I?ve heard of ?Pinoy Ako? and that?s not katunog. When I heard on board a bus, I was almost sure that ?Chandelier?s? lyrics are next after the intro so you could just imagine the shock when Tagalog lyrics settled in! I was like ?Oh my God! What is this?? I didn?t know who ripped the song off that time but same thing, I thought ?This is very sad. This is very frustrating.? Then, somebody from the States e?mailed me that they saw it on ABS?CBN?s ?Big Brother.?"

    Meanwhile, ABS?CBN?s official statement on the issue was: "ABS-CBN commissioned Orange and Lemons to compose the music, arrange and perform an original song, ?Pinoy Ako,? as the theme of ?Pinoy Big Brother.? Any inquiry with regard to this matter should be addressed to the band and Universal Records (Orange and Lemons music label)."

    A staunch believer of Indie musicians and OPM, Roque was prompted to come out after she read the band?s denial in the Bulletin, which she described, "Dumbfounding. How could they (Orange and Lemons) deny they copied the song when I have all the e?mails to prove them wrong?" noted Roque who has been a music writer for Pulp music magazine since 2003.

    Paul Simpson happened to be in constant correspondence with Roque "and as a friend of Paul, it?s unfair for Orange and Lemons to rip-off his song without asking for Paul?s permission. They know very well that I can relay the message for them; instead they apologized to me saying ?apologies to ma?am Giselle;? and that they?re sorry if it caused me sleepless nights, that they are willing to treat me out for coffee?which I felt was very insulting?and the best part is that they said they?re sure that The Care wouldn?t mind. I replied to that e?mail and said ?why are you apologizing to me?? They never apologized to Paul or Ian Broudie about the whole event!"

    The bottomline was, told Roque sharply is that, "Orange and Lemons are making it sound as if it?s OK to copy melody of a foreign song then use it in their own song that ironically speaks about Filipinos."

    Roque said she had a hard time believing that the local act did rip?off "Chandeliers." She stressed, "I?ve long heard [of] rumors long before ?Pinoy Ako? became a hit that the song is parehong-pareho ng ?Chandeliers? but of course I did not want to believe because the people from Orange and Lemons are my friends. In fact it was me that firstly introduced them through Pulp magazine and before they were featured, my editor then had to ask me if I really know them. It was quite a struggle before I finally came out with the feature that started their rise."

    Because she had been in constant connection with Simpson, Simpson?s Brit music label Skyray and the label?s representative Nick Halliwell, Roque notified the concerned individuals. "Right now, they are waiting for a move from Warner Chappell?s because they own the rights of the song," Roque revealed.

    Asked why she decided to come out with these allegations, she replied, "Paul is my friend but other than that, I have no stake in this thing. Nothing. I just happen to know the truth and I don?t mind sharing it with people who may have been humming a song they believed [to be] original. You just have to listen to both songs to conclude that it?s a violation of intellectual rights."


  3. Anonymous desertpinoy 

    whew haba ng comment mo ah!! well hope that this will clarifies all and settle the scores about the issue..

  4. Anonymous archie 

    Ayon sa egroup nila, WANKER KA kung sabihin mo na ni-rip off yung kanta ng Care, read on!

    message 11681 and 11643:

    Date: Wed Nov 2, 2005  11:38 am
    Subject: Re: [orange and lemons] FOR ASS CRACK, E GROUP, AND THE REST OF YOU CRITICS egrouper123
    Send Email

    yer full of crap!

    --- sid wrote:

    > I like that! 'Wet people's appetites' ... We open
    > for the Lemons. A
    > sweet band opens with us aswell. We play 3 songs
    > that night to sow
    > the seed and set the scene. No word wot time we
    > play. Get there
    > early I guess. ;) ... OH MY GOD ... YOU'LL NEVER
    > SHHHHH! ... Crack head, Nokia, and Grouper might get
    > their panties
    > in a bunch ... HAHAHAHAHA!
    > --- In orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com, acid maria
    > wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > > u sure know how to whet peoples appetite. ;)
    > > what time's ur gig?
    > >
    > >
    > > TIM
    > >
    > >
    > > sid wrote:
    > > Yeah ;) ... I can't wait to see you there.
    > >
    > > --- In orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com, marie dela
    > cruz
    > > wrote:
    > > >
    > > > yah! total chaos! hahaha! cant wait to see it.vL
    > na toh! gweilos
    > > right? now im interested in condo guz and the man
    > named sid.
    > > >
    > > > acid_ankh wrote:this sounds
    > fun.
    > > > marie dude, should we file for a leave on the
    > 9th now? hehe ;)
    > > >
    > > > TIM
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > --- In orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com, "sid"
    > > wrote:
    > > > >
    > > > > Makati baby ;)
    > > > >
    > > > > --- In orangeandlemons@yahoogroups.com, sOLo
    > > wrote:
    > > > > >
    > > > > > kuya bryan! eastwood or makati? :)
    > > > > >
    > > > > > solo
    > > > > >
    > > > > > On 10/26/05, sid wrote:
    > > > > > >
    > > > > SENSATIONAL
    > OWN
    > > > > BAND AND
    > > SUPPOSED
    > > > > TO BE
    > > MAKE
    > > > > YOU THE
    > > SO
    > > > IF
    > > > > YOU
    > > NOV.
    > > > > MY
    > > > > > > NAME IS SID. I'LL BE THE GUY BY THE BAR.
    > > > CONDO
    > > > > GUZ.
    > GAVE
    > > YA.

  5. Anonymous jerome 

    d ko ma remember masyado pero mron bang ginayang kanta ang moonstar88 sa ereaserheads

  6. Anonymous lyn 

    ang gling ng orange and lemons grabeh!

  7. Anonymous erickson 

    pa send naman nung complete mp3 ng chandelier please. or email me san ko makukuha ung mp3. deep_web14@yahoo.com SALAMAT!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous hindi lang ang OnL ang nanggagaya 

    marami ng kantang pinoy ngayon ang ginaya galing sa ibang bansa gaya ng kanta ni rainier(starstruck),may kanta siya na galing sa kanta ng mga koreano...mas ok nga ang OnL dahil mas maganda ang ginawa nila kaysa THE CARE eh kay rainier pumangit mas nakakahiya...yuck!!!

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