Undas!! (Halloween)

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Happy Halloween!!! Trick or Treat?

We pray Dear Lord for the souls of our departed loved ones, May their souls rest in peace in your merciful Hands. Amen

Ghost in Arabia..
This story is an actual event happened somewhere along the mangrove coastline of UAE by a friend of mine. Here how it goes, it was a cold winter night under the spell of the crescent moon that lits the mangrove shore. A group of people are scouring the sandy and watery ground to catch those elusive crabs when someone from the group suggests that they'll wait and rest inside their car after several hours out in the mangrove bushes and instead with the group still hunting for crabs and clams in the middle of the night. It was low tide and the time was past midnight, they can barely heard the group that gone far because of the shallow coastline all they can hear are the sounds of crickets and insects around them, they we're sitting inside the car for a while when suddenly out of the dimly lighted shrubs appears what to be a person from their group who's maybe bored and tired of catching those crabs. As the silhouette of a man came closer and clearer just right in front of the car they saw an unimaginable image they won't forget in their entire life. It was a figure of man dressed in condura without a head floating in the air. It seems that the time stood still as they were shocked and speechless. And with the blinked of an eye it disappeared in the cloak of darkness. So for those who likes crabbing and halaan picking at night BEWARE!!!, surely this is a kind of an scary experience more than a bite from the crabs claw. Awwwooooo!!!!

Just for fun
Do you have an Arabian ghost strory to share?
Hit the comment and scribble your story...

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