Sweet & Sour or Adobo?

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Dubai, Workers at a Jebel Ali labour camp have given up eating meat amid claims one of their colleagues was a cannibal who snacked on a body kept in a freezer.

Chinese men are sticking to a strict vegetarian diet because they say they’re worried they could end up dining on one of their colleagues in the camp’s canteen.

Rumors began Thursday night after a fight broke out between two groups.

Police were called to the scene, and wild stories soon began to spread that officers had discovered the half-eaten body of a Filipino man in the freezer of one of the men involved in the fight.

Police confirmed they were called out to the fight, but laughed off suggestions they’d found a body, half-eaten or otherwise. But labourers at the camp remain convinced that the man is a cannibal, and might not have been acting alone.

How on earth these people are so gullible to rumors. Maybe the hard labor conditions or the racial division among laborers stirs-up their fragile minds in creating and believing these rumors.

The true cannibals are those who don’t play by the rules and those who exploit others for their own sake. Unfair trade and labor practices, corrupt bureaucracy and government officials are to name a few.

Relatively speaking though these are not cannibals they were in the same league. Buwaya (crocodile), Linta (leech) and the most prominent of them all is the Tuko (chameleon) famous for its extra grip and camouflage abilities.

So what would you prefer Chinese or Filipino or simply Sweet & Sour or Adobo?

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